favorite shirt ever


favorite shirt ever

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David Swailes
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Anonymous asked: raph why hasn't old gary broken up yet, you made a vow.


because cam and charlie are my best friends and vows don’t mean shit when you’ve got homebros to look after

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The Ghost Inside - Outlive 

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Anonymous asked: oh hey twinkly spoken word fake emo bands don't like classic punk rock bands who would have thought


we’re not an emo band and punk rock sucks

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Anonymous asked: you guys probably have like 3 years maybe left as a band until your sound is done with and you'll all be broke as fuck trying to get your live's back together. enjoy it while it lasts. most bands in this scene are fucked just like old gray, etc.



No shit

Little does this anon know that we are writing a pop album. “DONE” MY ASS

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